This is what other people do...

read the article here!

I love the little window cut in the side.
best use of shoes I've seen in a while

This is what I do....

Some sporty stuff!
This is what I've spent the day on......
lovely computer eye burn now!


Totally forgot I did this!
A T-shirt design for a friends band
kinda cool actually

speaking of cool stuff.....

www.flatspot.com yeah it might be menswear, but still.......check out the turquoise Ray-bans
 and the Supra Vaider, and the Incase iphone cases....... in fact, just look at it all!

Nike Dunks

Cassette Playa Dunk High Premium
mmmm hmmmm
I've been after a pair of dunks for years now, but the cost 
of cool trainers is INSANE!  back to dribbling over the
 website and plotting what to do with the next student loan
 instalment me thinks...


More summer

why don't we go fly a kite more often...

hmmm confusing.....

Is this an oxymoron? I can't make up my mind, its pasted on the ''automatic" doors of Fletcher building at DMU.  It really doesn't make sense!



I can't wait to see summer again, the days are getting a little longer and warmer now.
But restless. 
Bored of cold, wet, miserable Leicester!



attention to detail 

I like small and dangerous.....

"The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen very sharp" - Terry Pratchett

Just words. But good words...

"The world is meaningless, there is no God or gods, there are no morals, the universe is not moving inexorably towards any higher purpose. All meaning is man-made, so make your own, and make it well. Do not treat life as a way to pass the time until you die.
Do not try to "find yourself", you must make yourself. Choose what you want to find meaningful and live, create, love, hate, cry, destroy, fight and die for it. Do not let your life and your values and you actions slip easily into any mold, other that that which you create for yourself, and say with conviction, "This is who I make myself".
Do not give in to hope. Remember that nothing you do has any significance beyond that with which imbue it. Whatever you do, do it for its own sake. When the universe looks on with indifference, laugh, and shout back, "Fuck You!". Rembember that to fight meaninglessness is futile, but fight anyway, in spite of and because of its futility.
The world may be empty of meaning, but it is a blank canvas on which to paint meanings of your own. Live deliberately. You are free" -  Existentialist. 

ALIFE Footwear S/S 2010

x love x

WANT THIS......!

ENJOI pandaconda crew.  There aren't many things I wouldn't do in order to get my hands on this sweater,   I know of two people who own one and I still want it.  I think its just something to do with the Panda-y awesomeness.  Sooo good! 

Found this...

A list of things I did last summer. I just like the final line to be honest, I really did have a fucking brilliant summer last year despite everything that went down.
I'll have to make another one for everything that has happened since I made this list....