sometimes.....this quoting lyrics stuff is about right......

.......Sometimes you put it up and everyone starts
 thinking you're some emo twat......
personally I think Tupac was a legend.
'Nuff Said


Coffee: good, Frozen Slushy Coffee: strangely good too

mmm sweet espresso-ey frozen caffeine-ness 
I swear they put crack in it !


Some bits and pieces from a weekend in Edinburgh......

Edinburgh has it all!
Even the scaffolding looks good.
Spent the weekend staying in a hostel just beneath the castle, it was 
one of the best weekends I've had in a loooong time with loads of
castles, ghosties, graveyards, Elephant cafes, tunnels and epic side streets,

Pubs and signage 

A little interesting street art,

and some banging shopping, on the far left is a friend and I dicking about in Swish my new favourite shop
I knocked over half the sunglasses, but still found some ray-ban lookalikes! 

Some shots from my new favourite city,
One day I will live there.
A new one on my lifetime To-do List


Jakwob remix - Ellie Goulding Starry eyed.......its just a little bit of a tune


work.....much much work

hours and hours spent measuring, drawing, cutting and re-measuring
well and truly riveting!
  Too many patterns to cut and not enough time!