I lack any patience to just sit and draw these days.  I cannot relax and wait for ideas to develop, I cannot be bothered to take the time to make something look good or to accept a mistake.  There are too many other things to distract me, things to sort out. Things to do. 
 It . is . doing . my . head . in !


Definitely want one in a Big way. definitely.

"Terrarium Necklace
These vintage watchmakers' vials are carefully planted with a tiny living specimen of moss. The charcoal at the base of the plant keeps the little ecosystem healthy. Open the vial and place a drop of water inside every 2-3 weeks, air it out occasionally, and store in indirect sunlight. If your moss does someday die, take a sample of moss from a favorite woodsy spot. Use tweezers to re-plant your new terrarium. "

Hyper Dunk. Nike. Kobe.


really small old painting book...


Amazingly useless...

I picked this up at work the other day it had been
 abandoned by some small child and never 
reclaimed.  It is a little toy watch for teaching kids 
how to read digital time and I am slightly obsessed by it. 
The bright colours, 4 twiddly things to change the time, smiley faces, 
no functional purpose. Best watch Ever.  

Brixton. London. 5am

Strange seeing such an empty bright london after falling out of a 
club at closing time.  No crowds, no traffic, I doubt even the pigeons 
were up to see this.


Found this...

I found this burned out car in a field about a mile from 
my house.  I Don't know how it got there, or how it 
ended up burned to pieces, but I'm pretty happy I found it.  Looks
more than good in evening sunshine.