Vans Syndicate Old Skool Rodney Smith

Clocked these on Flatspot this morning.  SO SAD that they dont come in womens sizes!  I've been hankering after a pair of Vans trainers for a while and love the retro red colour way, the blue hightops are pretty slick looking too.  *sigh* god-damn my small girlish feet!


In January...

I wrote a list of stuff I wanted to do this year wayyyy back in January and had totally forgotten about it until I found my notebook when packing up my room to move out.  Most of the things I have epically failed at but one I did manage, I don't know how, but I managed it.  On Tuesday my final results came through and despite being a massive dick all term, despite still going out every week and going in horrifically hungover, despite getting a crap grade for my essay, and despite training 5/6+ times a week with the uni rowing team I managed to score a 2.1. Somehow.  I don't understand it but I'm not going to question it, I've had the the best and hardest 6 months of my life and still got the grade ahhhhh! so pleased !

All I have to do now graduate and find a job. Nightmare.


St Paul's Carnival

Summer back home started on saturday with a trip to St Paul's Carnival in Bristol.  Lots of Music, lots of Curry Goat, lots of tins of Red Strip, and lots of people standing on stuff to watch lots of other people do variations of cool stuff in the street.  It was pretty good, I think a definite mission again next year.


On Thursday I Left.

On Thursday I left Leicester and left student life for good, which is pretty sad if I'm honest.  The strangest thing is that despite my room being the witness to so many drunken stumbles home, hysterics, hangovers, mess, illness', toilet papering, and allnighters this year it doesn't show it.  Once my room was empty it was like I was never there, just a few sad blue tack marks and the odd bit of chipped plaster from all the things the go on my walls. 
I'm now back home in the 'Shire wondering what to do between now and eventualy getting a real job and starting my life as a 'real' person (I hope its not as shit as it looks from the outside).
So . much . time!