More AX-5

Adventures in Analogue..

Taken with a resurrected Fujica AX-5.
Turns out it had a light leak. Now sorted with the strategic application
 of blackout tape.  I think the stripes are pretty interesting though.



Looked down at these trainers yesterday..
..muddy as hell,
wearing out on the bottom,
the socks have a hole in the toe
nearly a year old
they have done well.
Is it about time I cleaned them?
or shall I just leave them, because they will only get muddy again..?


a giant mug...

This is a mug, it is the size of my face.
it holds much tea. 
I like this mug.
It was also free
my dad gave it me.
Dad is cool.
that is all.

Splodge Monster

He has self-esteem issues
poor guy

HAPPY *belated* EASTER!

This is/was my easter
no eggs, no family about
 just tiny tiny bars of chocolate

Fair Trade Organic chocolate - Shit how middle class!
oh well at least its not Nestle, or made my some other massive slave labour peddling super massive company.....wait...
....G&B are owned by Cadburys, owned by Kraft second largest food and beverage company on the planet,
second only to Nestle. 
there is no point in eating chocolate any more....
or anything for that matter

In other news I still feel like a giant eating this stuff......mmm...nomnomnom
 tasty hypocrisy!

but seriously. Nestle are evil... look it up


I'm having one of those days..

It is one of those days when I cannot draw
no matter what I do, its just not happening.
Really annoying!
I can draw. usually. just not today
so I made this
this is what happens I can draw
........sort of

Listening to this....

I have the Fleet Fox's album on a loop today
look . them . up !
Lovely, sounds like summertime and festivals

To do List

Every once in a while I start wondering what I want to do with my
 life, the conclusion is usually "fuck it I'll go live by the sea and make flip-flops" This time I decided to make a list.
Its not finished
or final
its just a list of stuff I want to do
or intend to do
at some point.


It has been a busy few weeks but here are some random things.
a few catchup posts are coming
 bare with me!