CAD and illustration work.


This is what i do....

Designs for, and the final shoe from an Architecture inspired project 
set by Thea Cadabra.  I ended up looking at Frank Gehry again, an architect I have kept
 coming back to since an art foundation project.

Check out the film 'Sketches of Frank Gehry' his stuff is nuts!


Best Birthday card EVER!

I have a puerile sense of humour at the best of times, but this card arriving from a friend this morning
made me crack up.  I love everything about it.  Especially the colouring in.
I also received a fridge magnet saying 'so many men, so many reasons to sleep alone'
Living with guys, as I do, this is a very apt magnet....
which has now been applied to the fridge beside 'Of course I love you, now get me a beer'


A 15 minute collage

These are some of the flyers and random interesting bits of paper I found when having my hungover tidy-up on saturday.
I'm having a short break from the Adobe grindstone.....by making a collage.....in Photoshit 
(totally unintentional but very apt typo there)
but yeah... I'm having a break from an application by doing something different with it, you figure it out...It makes no sense What So Ever to me.

So today I've procrastinated epicly and drunk a lot of Earl Grey tea, posted my vote, applied for a lifeguarding job, rolled a cigarette, and done a further 2 designs in photoshop/illustrator bringing my total to 4 designs out of a potential 36.  The rest of my time is spent staring into space...... and working out where I hid my stamps when I was tidying up.

This is not going to be a fun week.

T minus 2 days until I am 21, what fucking joy.


And one last thing....

These guys are insane, I saw them play Fabric back in January and they blew my mind
soooo good. And this video is just too good.

Look. them. up!


Today I am hungover,
I am very hungover.  I woke up at half 1 this afternoon and I still feel sideways!
Spending a day, even a short one like this (I'm going to bed soon) feeling 40 degrees short of the full 180 is unpleasant, and worse when you have no one else to blame but your own bloody wasted alcohol monster.
Also no work has happened today, and work really REALLY needs to happen.  1 week until the final hand-in and I think my subconscious is sabotaging my second year, there is no scrap of common sense attached to me these days.  Just a massive pile of work and too many 18 hour days spent working on multiple different projects. 
 In 4 days I will turn 21.  I will probably be in the library. This is a depressing thought.

I have spent most of this day listening to Fleet foxes again, they are brilliant when your Hanging out of your metaphorical tree.  Mykonos is also a little bit of a tune.

Leica M3 - My Photos

These are some of my shots from the M3 film
Im loving the quality, and the way they look although you can tell I havent quite worked out the whole manual control thing.  some good accidental effects though.

The entire film.

Top - no idea a long exposure of something..not sure what though
Bottom - rugby varsity 2010 Leicester Vs DMU. DMU lost...badly.

-A messy night in my Kitchen some time in January
-Tom Jacob + guitar

Analogue again Leica M3 - Toms Photos

These were taken the same day I took out the Fujica AX-5 for its first run,
 I lent my granddads Leica M3 to one of my oldest friends just to use up what was 
left of a 400 black and white film I started back in January and we
 hit up a bit of the cotswold countryside on a gorgeous day in the easter holidays

I might add Tom's a bit of a camera-phile, and he takes better and more consistent
pictures than I do he has been a little obsessed with analogue photography for over a 
year now and it shows
I love his shots

minor improvement..

Well that was one thing to do on a stinking hangover.
It will be a nicer place to work in tomorrow my brain is a little too melty
to handle anything more challenging today, let alone multiple hours 
before the twin evils of photoshop and illustrator.

I found a lot or random things today though:

- 1 pair of broken Fluro pink flip flops
- 1 pot of half set blue latex
- 2 plaster casts of my own feet
- 1 random bendy stick
- 1 broken plastic bullet belt
- 1 broken lamp
- a wodge of dulux colour samples
- 4 lighters
- inexplicable filter tips (I cannot roll and rarely smoke)
- 1 foil thermal blanket
- 2 Nokia chargers
- 3 tape measures
- 6 half used rolls of masking tape, parcel tape, sellotape, and gum strip
- reading festival '09 wristband
- random bits of leather - purple mock ostrich anyone?
- strips of EVA and blue foam
- 1 random striped sock
- A selection of postcards, flyers, and funny little magazines - some of which are AWSOME!

I havent hoovered yet....I think my dust bunnies may start plotting something soon though...

I am the obsessive compulsives worst nightmare...

I try and make the excuse that I'm on hand-in and have no time to tidy up,
this is possibly a lie.
Hand-ins and deadlines just mean that it gets messier quicker
and that there is a lot of random bits of leather mixed in with the 
detritus of my life.

I think I just have too much stuff. 

 it might be a good idea to tidy up
and sort out my life

just a little bit...

but dont tell my mum I said that...EVER!