minor improvement..

Well that was one thing to do on a stinking hangover.
It will be a nicer place to work in tomorrow my brain is a little too melty
to handle anything more challenging today, let alone multiple hours 
before the twin evils of photoshop and illustrator.

I found a lot or random things today though:

- 1 pair of broken Fluro pink flip flops
- 1 pot of half set blue latex
- 2 plaster casts of my own feet
- 1 random bendy stick
- 1 broken plastic bullet belt
- 1 broken lamp
- a wodge of dulux colour samples
- 4 lighters
- inexplicable filter tips (I cannot roll and rarely smoke)
- 1 foil thermal blanket
- 2 Nokia chargers
- 3 tape measures
- 6 half used rolls of masking tape, parcel tape, sellotape, and gum strip
- reading festival '09 wristband
- random bits of leather - purple mock ostrich anyone?
- strips of EVA and blue foam
- 1 random striped sock
- A selection of postcards, flyers, and funny little magazines - some of which are AWSOME!

I havent hoovered yet....I think my dust bunnies may start plotting something soon though...

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