A 15 minute collage

These are some of the flyers and random interesting bits of paper I found when having my hungover tidy-up on saturday.
I'm having a short break from the Adobe grindstone.....by making a collage.....in Photoshit 
(totally unintentional but very apt typo there)
but yeah... I'm having a break from an application by doing something different with it, you figure it out...It makes no sense What So Ever to me.

So today I've procrastinated epicly and drunk a lot of Earl Grey tea, posted my vote, applied for a lifeguarding job, rolled a cigarette, and done a further 2 designs in photoshop/illustrator bringing my total to 4 designs out of a potential 36.  The rest of my time is spent staring into space...... and working out where I hid my stamps when I was tidying up.

This is not going to be a fun week.

T minus 2 days until I am 21, what fucking joy.

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