Today I am hungover,
I am very hungover.  I woke up at half 1 this afternoon and I still feel sideways!
Spending a day, even a short one like this (I'm going to bed soon) feeling 40 degrees short of the full 180 is unpleasant, and worse when you have no one else to blame but your own bloody wasted alcohol monster.
Also no work has happened today, and work really REALLY needs to happen.  1 week until the final hand-in and I think my subconscious is sabotaging my second year, there is no scrap of common sense attached to me these days.  Just a massive pile of work and too many 18 hour days spent working on multiple different projects. 
 In 4 days I will turn 21.  I will probably be in the library. This is a depressing thought.

I have spent most of this day listening to Fleet foxes again, they are brilliant when your Hanging out of your metaphorical tree.  Mykonos is also a little bit of a tune.

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