Exciting times

The crowd for Prodigy, day 2 of reading '09.  Taken from the shoulders of a 7ft tall guy who was kind enough to lift me up.
Biggest crowd I have EVER seen! But then at 5'2 I don't tend to see over the heads of many people anyway.  Amazing moment. 
Remembering Reading last year while watching some of the footage from this year. 
Cannot wait for Bestival now.
Its going to be HUGE!
And maybe at Besti I will not feel so old.  
Reading is far too full of  15 year old hipsters for my liking. 
 Ha I'm past it at 21! Excellent.

And nothing, *NOTHING* will stop me seeing these guys play.
Except possibly Flying Lotus...arghhhhh!
Soooo Excited!

transform a triangle

I stumbled on this site a few days ago and thought. Why not?


Baking and an excessive sugar overload

Mum bought me this great little book the other day and I've just got round to doing a little hardcore baking with a friend. Seriously these are intense! Vanilla sponge with 'mallow' frosting thats so sweet it makes your teeth itch just to look at it.  Good though.  Tasty.



On wednesday night a friend, Katie, and I headed out to finally to watch Twilight.  We have spent most of the summer planning to spend a trashy girly 'date night' watching sparkly vampires prance about a screen,  typically though when we finally got round to going to the cinema it was SOLD OUT!  Neither of us could believe it!  But following a bit of dithering, 2 pints of San Miguel and an hour sitting about in a bar we finally bought our tickets for Inception, deciding that some mildly intellectual cinema was better than nothing. Even if we had planned on the mental bubble gum of twilight originally.
I have to say I was soo impressed with it, and I am definitely down for seeing it again.  I feel I need to just to get a better grip on it (being mildly pissed watching it is a bad plan).
Also I love the look of the spinning top totem, it has such a solid weighty appearance.  It looks like its been worn down with heavy use with the nicely rounded off edges, needless to say it has already been replicated a billion times to be sold off as official film merch.  Not that I'm intending or wanting to buy one,  I already have far too many useless bits and pieces lying about to be wanting to add anymore tat to the collection.
I am thinking Inception has wormed its way into my top 5 favourite films.  Pure entertainment.

I made the list after spending half my morning watching High Fidelity clips on youtube - my genuine all time favourite film ever, might as well share it....


Special mention should also go to 
- In Bruges 
- Toy story
- Amelie
- Rabbit-Proof Fence
 and Oldboy


Baby Supra

Far too cute.  Far too cool.

Work in progress...

I haven't painted in AGES.  It shows.  Its something I need to work on.

One day like this....

Stumbling out of my friends house at half 8 this morning still slightly wobbly from the numerous vodkas whiskeys and cokes from the previous night, I had one of those wonderful hungover moments. I looked about and saw the bright morning sunshine and the pretty Cirencester street I was wondering down and thought it was bloody perfect.   For the next half hour I wondered around town waiting for the coffee shop to open so I could get my mitts on an iced coffee before driving home wondering at what an incredibly beautiful town I was in.
  Cirencester is one of those infuriating places that is incredibly aware of its own aesthetic appeal, hence in the summer it is crowed with  pudgy tourists with big cameras.  It is also filled with overpriced savagely pretentious shops and people of a certain age who shop in Waitrose who think anyone under the age of 25 should probably be shot with an antique 12 boar for daring  to wear a top with a hood, or possibly for just existing or holding liberal views.  Fortunately on a sunday morning at 8.30 the greying middle class hoards are absent, this probably helped to create my sunny disposition so early.  This kind of optimism is a pretty foreign feeling when I'm hanging out of my tree, usually I'm filled with an intense hatred of the world and all things in it that have any relation to alcohol or bright lights. 
 The first song that came on in the car as I drove home was Elbow - one day like this. Perfect.  

The video is pretty special too


a little watercolour..

You know its august.....

When you cant see for the sheeting rain and hail. 
Thunder, lightening, raining slush....yep definitely summer holiday
 time at home in the West country.  Oddly satisfying to listen to 
and strangely beautiful when the sun finally gets through and
 you get that odd toxic yellowy light in the evening.


Black and white SLR film. take 3. Uncle Norm's 60th feat the cousins

the Ma and Pa
Mum, Ellie and random dolly
Ell and Ted
Trinny and Ellie
Ellie and Ted
The two little girls in these shots are my cousins kids and where just way too much fun.  I ended up giving them a digital camera each and let them run about taking photos of EVERYTHING!  I'll put their shots up later on following some heavy editing, because when I say they photographed everything, I do mean everything. At least twice! 

Black and white SLR film. take 2. A trip to the beach.

These are a mixture of shots.  Some taken by me on a day trip to Bournemouth with a friend (the one building the sandcastle) the others where taken by my dad at Pawthcawl in wales.  some serious overexposure going on in some of these and I don't understand why some of them appear divided.

Black and white SLR film.

It has taken me a long time to finish this film so it will cover several posts so the pictures are in some kind of sensical order rather that a bit of a schizophrenic mash up.

I put up my digital shots of this burned out Volvo several weeks ago but these are the shots that kicked of the film, I'm overly impressed with how atmospheric they are, and they look old and again a bit light leaky....but I think I'm going to have to learn to live with this from the AX5 I'm liking it a lot. 


The Intimidator puzzle pistol - excessive and awesome!



I found this yesterday on notcot and thought it was a bloody amazing and a totally excessive ingenious piece of design/sculpture.  There are very few things that exist or are made and designed just to be cool but this is one of them.  Requiring a magnetic key to begin the disassembly process the 40lb 8x4x5inch block breaks down into a 125 piece puzzle that can be remade into a single shot 45 caliber muzzle loading pistol. Designed by GarE Maxton it took over a year to make and looks like the worst kind of toy you find in a Christmas cracker but ridiculously more complicated, just looking at it makes my brain itch.  Check out this video though to see it in action.