On wednesday night a friend, Katie, and I headed out to finally to watch Twilight.  We have spent most of the summer planning to spend a trashy girly 'date night' watching sparkly vampires prance about a screen,  typically though when we finally got round to going to the cinema it was SOLD OUT!  Neither of us could believe it!  But following a bit of dithering, 2 pints of San Miguel and an hour sitting about in a bar we finally bought our tickets for Inception, deciding that some mildly intellectual cinema was better than nothing. Even if we had planned on the mental bubble gum of twilight originally.
I have to say I was soo impressed with it, and I am definitely down for seeing it again.  I feel I need to just to get a better grip on it (being mildly pissed watching it is a bad plan).
Also I love the look of the spinning top totem, it has such a solid weighty appearance.  It looks like its been worn down with heavy use with the nicely rounded off edges, needless to say it has already been replicated a billion times to be sold off as official film merch.  Not that I'm intending or wanting to buy one,  I already have far too many useless bits and pieces lying about to be wanting to add anymore tat to the collection.
I am thinking Inception has wormed its way into my top 5 favourite films.  Pure entertainment.

I made the list after spending half my morning watching High Fidelity clips on youtube - my genuine all time favourite film ever, might as well share it....


Special mention should also go to 
- In Bruges 
- Toy story
- Amelie
- Rabbit-Proof Fence
 and Oldboy

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