One day like this....

Stumbling out of my friends house at half 8 this morning still slightly wobbly from the numerous vodkas whiskeys and cokes from the previous night, I had one of those wonderful hungover moments. I looked about and saw the bright morning sunshine and the pretty Cirencester street I was wondering down and thought it was bloody perfect.   For the next half hour I wondered around town waiting for the coffee shop to open so I could get my mitts on an iced coffee before driving home wondering at what an incredibly beautiful town I was in.
  Cirencester is one of those infuriating places that is incredibly aware of its own aesthetic appeal, hence in the summer it is crowed with  pudgy tourists with big cameras.  It is also filled with overpriced savagely pretentious shops and people of a certain age who shop in Waitrose who think anyone under the age of 25 should probably be shot with an antique 12 boar for daring  to wear a top with a hood, or possibly for just existing or holding liberal views.  Fortunately on a sunday morning at 8.30 the greying middle class hoards are absent, this probably helped to create my sunny disposition so early.  This kind of optimism is a pretty foreign feeling when I'm hanging out of my tree, usually I'm filled with an intense hatred of the world and all things in it that have any relation to alcohol or bright lights. 
 The first song that came on in the car as I drove home was Elbow - one day like this. Perfect.  

The video is pretty special too

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