Exciting times

The crowd for Prodigy, day 2 of reading '09.  Taken from the shoulders of a 7ft tall guy who was kind enough to lift me up.
Biggest crowd I have EVER seen! But then at 5'2 I don't tend to see over the heads of many people anyway.  Amazing moment. 
Remembering Reading last year while watching some of the footage from this year. 
Cannot wait for Bestival now.
Its going to be HUGE!
And maybe at Besti I will not feel so old.  
Reading is far too full of  15 year old hipsters for my liking. 
 Ha I'm past it at 21! Excellent.

And nothing, *NOTHING* will stop me seeing these guys play.
Except possibly Flying Lotus...arghhhhh!
Soooo Excited!

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