Yesterday I took myself to Nottingham

As the title implies yesterday I took myself off to Nottingham to get some images for a project, I had a surprisingly good day considering I have never been there before in my life. Although a warning to anyone who may consider going to Nottingham on a Monday to see museums and stuff – don’t- they are all shut! I trekked all over the city and found all things disappointingly closed until Tuesday. Fortunately it wasn’t a huge loss, the train journey is cheap and short, and I still got a large amount of photographs around the town some of which you can see.
I also paid a visit to American Apparel, one of my favourite shops ever!  In order get half my Halloween costume, I'm all about my shiny new black body suit, although I have since lost the bloody thing!  It's probably under my bed or something, oh well....

I heart surf photography......

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I'm a bit of a thwarted surfer and going to university in the midlands doesn't help much. I last surfed in september just before I came back to uni, at Porthcawl which is the nearest break I can get to. And so for the last month I have been salivating over magicseaweed.com and totaly loving some of the surf photography;
Although the size of those beasts scares me just looking at them. I can only imagine the rush you would get from dropping in on one of those bad boys.
I've also been checking out some of the flickr pages trying to get a bit of a watery fix and found this beast. Nice and glassy although it looks like its about to dump on the guys head.
Missing the sea today, aspecialy with this midlands murky autumn weather I can see out my window.


A new day, some new pictures.

A little reminder of summertime. It wont be back again for a rather long time now, so look long and hard, the days of sunshine and green are done. Time for the grey and orange murk of English autumn.