Another opportunity to make a post about this design.  It has been picked as one of six designs from my class to be displayed at the Moda exhibition in February, which is MASSIVELY exciting for all of us.
Moda is basically a big footwear trade show that will, hopefully, give us all a little extra exposure to those who will be giving us jobs in a few months time (that's the idea anyway)
I'm in the process of making a fashion men's high top at the moment and will crash some pictures of that up once its done, the mock up is looking kinda cool at the moment and hopefully the final will be better.

In other news a very lovely guy called Mr. Hare posted one of my photos on his blog the other day, this shouldn't be big news except that Mr. Hare makes shoes like this mrhare.co.uk/purestform
See if you can spot the picture....mrhares.blogspot.com

boom.  good times.


2010 in music

January.  The XX. I was still massivly overplaying the XX's album.  VCR remains one of my all time favourite tracks.

Febuary. Mt Eden. I stumbled on this track while doing a little extreme procrastination on youtube, needless to say i got fairly obsessed with the album for about 3 weeks and now cant stomach it.

March.  Burial.  Untrue.  The end of winter was a time for a massive Burial revival.  I'd had the albums for ages but didn't quite 'get it' till this point.

April.  The Logic of Chance.  Easter  was all about these guys.

May.  Sun Giant.

June.  Cosmogramma. This is a quality album, if you dont have it get it.

July. High Scores. For chilled out summer times.

August.  Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans.  I heard Uffie first when I was about 17 so when I heard she finaly had an album out I went a bit nuts.  I love this album in the way a dieter likes cake, I fucking love it but I kinda dont want to.  Its hard to explain.  

September.  The Rogue EP. I was all about the Correspondents after seeing them play Bestival. They are INCREADIBLE live.

October.  Maxinquay.  Discovered this album after reading a random review of Tricky's newest release online and thought I woud start out at the beginning, this is a lovely spacy trip hop album.

November. When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence. Nothing better than a bit of dirty techno for Autumn

December. Based on a True Story. Finally got round to listening to these guys after downloading them months before.  Quality.

Special mention also goes to :
I played this remix incessently through most of last winter as well as Ellie Gouldings album, I brutaly overplayed it and have been recovering ever since.