Another opportunity to make a post about this design.  It has been picked as one of six designs from my class to be displayed at the Moda exhibition in February, which is MASSIVELY exciting for all of us.
Moda is basically a big footwear trade show that will, hopefully, give us all a little extra exposure to those who will be giving us jobs in a few months time (that's the idea anyway)
I'm in the process of making a fashion men's high top at the moment and will crash some pictures of that up once its done, the mock up is looking kinda cool at the moment and hopefully the final will be better.

In other news a very lovely guy called Mr. Hare posted one of my photos on his blog the other day, this shouldn't be big news except that Mr. Hare makes shoes like this mrhare.co.uk/purestform
See if you can spot the picture....mrhares.blogspot.com

boom.  good times.

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