Radiohead King of Limbs

MP3 Release was bought forward 24 hours to today.  Made me happy.  In fact finding out that a new album  was due out made my week.  On second listen of the album and I'm thinking that its going to be a grower much like In Rainbows was.  
Put up the new video so you get to see Thom York at his weird bendy best.  Kinda weird. But that's always to be expected. 

A hightop.

These are a few things from my last project.  I know it's been a while coming, but crazy busy doesn't quite cover how distracted I've been in the last few weeks.   The high top design is based loosely around my earlier experiments with paper, focusing on manipulating materials and making something a bit more 'street' and Supra-like.  Yet another mens wear project (wooo!)
 Have been asked to do a few extra variations on it by a careers lady who spoke to us yesterday, lots of words like 'online portfolio', 'CV', 'interview technique', and 'Job' were mentioned with far too much emphasis on how soon all this would start kicking off for my liking.

Just a Dissertation and Final Major Project left now.  Feeling the fear!