Yesterday I handed in my last EVER university project after one of the most brutal weekends of work I think I've ever done. Working roughly 45 hours over 3 days  in front of a computer was knackering but its all done, presented, and over.  Needless to say I'm fairly hangin' today following some hardcore celebrating.

The final project was based around the moustache, a weird choice yeah but I thought it was pretty cool.  From a final collection of 6 designs I made three (one trainer and two formal) plus a satchel bag big enough to use as a laptop case for my 15inch mac pro - just because I could. 

So I have done now, well, except for getting everything sorted out for the degree show next month which will be bundles of fun I'm sure.  I think I'm supposed to contend with the real world now, what a terrifying thought.

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