Bad times!


My trusty 3.5 year old Lumix has gone and snuffed it!  Not impressed and no idea how it happened either.  This is why cameras still need viewfinders because Digi screens do this! argh!  It will take a photo but I can't see what the hells going on. grr I feel slightly crippled now and ever since it happened I keep seeing awesome shots I could take too.  Sods law.  I will have to start lugging about an analogue everywhere i go....  Wondering on what to get to replace this now.... a DSLR? 
 I've been cruising which? online for the last few days (after hacking into dads account)  pondering what to do.  The best and cheapest option is looking like a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 which is like a big daddy to the little one I have, although it isn't a full-size DSLR its something called a MFT(micro four-thirds) camera.  I am pretty small though, kind of a Micro Four-Thirds Human, not that that makes much difference.....hmmm good reviews though, in-fact an amazing review on which? 3rd and cheapest on best buy cant be bad eh?
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10

Or there is the Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EOS 1000D
choices. choices....and much much moneys! crap.

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  1. Personally if you have not already got your new camera, stick to Sony, Canon of Nikon. They are the best I have used and have a good lens base (Nikon and Canon obviously being the best). Maybe a second hand 10D would be good? I love the 10D, brilliant camera, capable of shooting nearly anything the an 550ex on top? Food a though!