Ninja Tune xx

So, yet again it's been a while since my last post, and a fair amount has happened what with freshers week, settling into the new house and generally catching up with many many people.   There hasn't been much worth making a post about and I've lacked the time and inclination to do it, up until now that is....
Ninja Tune xx happened 2 weeks ago and I am still gradually coming to terms with the idea that it was possibly THE best night I am ever likely to have, Ever, possibly for the rest of my life. It definitely knocked the socks of anything that came before it in terms of lineup, atmosphere, and general experience.  Seeing DJ Kentaro, Daedelus, Dorian Concept, Kid Koala and so many more amazing acts all in one night was just mind blowing, let alone seeing them in an abandoned semi flooded car park in London.  The only negative of the night was getting incredibly wet feet while trying (and failing) to puddle dodge when moving between arch ways.  These are 2 shots I took that night. Top is some of the artwork displayed on the walls, the second is of people chilling out in the second archway.  That night was WAY more than good.

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