Thieving bastards.

I mentioned in my last post that I had had a massive crisis, and I'm still having one, its just sinking in a bit deeper and I feel a need to articulate my fury.  I suppose the most simple and basic way of explaining things would be to say that I have had my nearly new 15inch Macbook pro stolen.  From my room in my house in Leicester.

The fucking thieveing douchbags didn't even take anything from my housemates, just my fricking computer, an old ipod nano and (just to be petty) 2 half packets of cigarettes! Bastards.
Understandably I'm fairly aggravated by this, but surprisingly its not so much the loss of an expensive (and uninsured) computer, its the simple fact that I have lost EVERYTHING on it too.
I dont have an external hard drive (another major rookie error) and have therefore lost about 6 years worth of photography, work and artwork as well as about 35G of music.  This is my massive crisis, although fortunately the day before the break in I had just handed in the first of my 3 projects for this year.  If it had happened on Monday I might have thrown myself straight in the Soar.
Whats creepy though is that the burglar alarm apparently didn't go off, and there were no signs of forced entry so we have the extra issue of working out how they got in and how they knew how to unset and reset our burglar alarms when they left.  Maybe setting tiger traps in the hallway could be a good plan for next time?

Anyway all that happened last week, last wednesday to be exact.  I could call it my one week burglary anniversary.  But I don't think I will.  Better things have happened since then like SNOW and the boiler breaking down,  it has definitely been a good week for bad luck.  On the upside though I went home and managed to recover a small amount of music and about an 8th of my photographs from an old and vaguely broken hard drive, I've even managed to borrow back an old laptop to work on, and got a crafty hot shower in this  morning while the boiler was in a good mood.  So life hasn't completely gone to shit yet.

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  1. this is crazy!!!!! the exact same thing happened to me, right down to the stealing the macbook with no signs of forced entry and nothing taken from my housemates!!!

    it is out of this world how similar this crime is to the one that happened to me! it is also mega sad :(